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You can join anytime!

Membership in the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund is open and inclusive. You do not have to wait for an event to join.

Membership Pledge

Members pledge $1200 annually.

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Everyone gives an equal amount of money. Everyone has an equal voice. Our members commit to an $1,200 annual contribution. $1,080 of each member’s annual contribution goes directly to make grants and $120 to help support our educational programs and operation.

We Are A Volunteer Democracy

We are a volunteer democracy. Those members who have time, give it. Those who don’t are only asked to vote. We respect that women have different demands on their time at different times in their lives. There are no fundraisers, no galas. All of our grant dollars come directly from our member dues.

We Are A Learning Organization

Educational events, including our Discovering Our Community series, inspires women to become an informed source of social change. Social events bring members, prospective members and grantees together to learn from each other and have fun in the process. 

We Rotate Leadership

We rely on an active network of members to rotate leadership on our board and through the various committees that lead our organization.  We do almost all of the work ourselves so we can put more of our money to the community where it is needed most.

We Partner With The St. Louis Community Foundation

The Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund has selected the St. Louis Community Foundation to partner with for administrative, financial and technical support. The St. Louis Community Foundation promotes and inspires charitable giving in the St. Louis region. It is a trustworthy steward of donor funds, with experienced and knowledgeable staff who guide and connect donors with nonprofit organizations working on the causes they want to support. The Foundation administers over 600 charitable funds totaling nearly $500 million in assets and supports these funds in distributing over $80 million annually in grants and scholarships.