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Upcoming Events

28 JUL


For current and new board members. Planning meeting for the 2018-2019 year. 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Algonquin Golf Club. 

05 SEP


Free orientation for nonprofits interested in applying for SOS grants. 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Creve Coeur Government Center. Click here to RSVP.

              Celebrating 11 Years of Giving!

The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund is a collective giving and grantmaking organization. Everyone gives an equal amount of money. Everyone has an equal voice. 

We are a volunteer democracy. Those who have time, give it. Those who don't are not judged. We respect that different women have different demands on their time at different times in their lives. There are no fundraisers, no galas.

We have only two requirements: pay your dues and vote on how it's given back to the community. Click here to become a member.


Spirit Awards 2018


Thanks to our members, we were able to award $209,333 in grants to 12 deserving agencies.
Lydia's House - $100,000 (grant of $33,333 per year beginning 2017) to support its Job Training and Employment Program called Lydia's Ladle. This provides women who are escaping domestic violence an immediate source of income. Look for their chicken potpies in local grocery stores!
Annie's Hope - $17,500 grant to offer free, in-school support services to disadvantaged children grieving the death of someone significant.
City Greens Market - $24,000 grant to revive a mobile vegetable market to reach elderly residents and disadvantaged families from low-income neighborhoods.

Crime Victim Advocacy Center - $10,000 grant to support and expand a free mental health counseling program focusing on women and children who are victims of crime.

GlobalHack - $20,000 grant to increase the number of youth interested in technology careers through a summer camp program with a focus on girls, minorities and individuals with disabilities.
Home Sweet Home - $10,000 grant to assist in providing expanded warehouse space for basic household furnishings to help families experiencing poverty and toxic stress.
Home Works! The Teacher Home Visit Program - $20,000 grant to improve the overall learning experience for under performing students by providing classroom teacher home visits with the family.
IFM Community Medicine - $14,000 grant to provide a school-based nurse practitioner to offer free vaccinations and general healthcare to recent migrant and refugee children.

Lift for LIfe Gym - $10,000 grant to support a program for low-income school children which includes sports, fitness, nutrition and education classes after school and during the summer.

Magdalene St. Louis - $20,000 grant to support women who have survived abuse, sexual exploitation and addiction by providing a workspace dedicated to teaching sustainable, in-demand job skills and financial literacy.

The SoulFisher Ministries- $18,000 grant to expand a program for women involved with the criminal justice system by providing housing and services that support successful re-entry to a life free from drugs, alcohol and criminal activity.

Throwing and Growing Foundation - $12,500 grant to provide a free character development program for economically disadvantaged girls to enhance overall mental and physical well-being and improve self-esteem.




Because giving is at the very heart of Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund, we feel it is important to share stories about the agencies and people impacted by the generosity of our members.

Our "Why We Give" newsletter highlights a story about one of our current grantees. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by the real life stories.  



“The experience of SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS WOMEN’S FUND has fundamentally changed me. I realize what’s important about your life is what you end up doing with it. And every time we support an organization, we are advocating for them. We give people a voice. It’s powerful and it’s important – and it recognizes that we are all connected.” 

"If I give money to an organization it says that I care. But when I give as part of SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS WOMEN’S FUND it says that 200 women care. And we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder saying to the people we serve: You are not invisible. You are not inconsequential. You matter. And we care.”


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For anyone in our community who supports our work building women's leadership in philanthropy, we welcome individual donations to our fund.

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