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2019 Fall Dates

The sixth season of Girls Giving will be determined soon.

During the fall of 2018, 20 girls from 5 area schools participated in Girls Giving. We are an inclusive group and are looking to continue to build our group – and our giving! For more information, contact Kathy Frost,

Please join us for our sixth season of
collective giving in St. Louis.

We are many things!

  • Unique
  • Diverse
  • Inclusive 

The Girls Giving Fund

In the fall of 2018, 20 girls from area high schools met on Sundays for a program in planned grant giving. This year, the grants focused on organizations using entrepreneurial programs to enhance the lives of area youth in need. This is the fifth year of Girls Giving, their grants to the community now total $15,100.

Throughout the fall, various community women met with the girls to share their expertise. Jane Tracy, an SOS member and chair of the SOS Finance committee, shared her story of philanthropy. Nancy Cambria, on staff at Washington University’s Brown School, met with the girls and shared the latest research out from For the Sake of All (Health Equity Works). The research she shared showed how providing critical data inspires collaborative community action to improve systems for the health and well-being of St. Louisans. And Mary Jane Pieroni, Director of Nonprofit Services for BDO, worked with the 990’s and budgets of each of the organizations receiving grants.

The grants given by Girls Giving this fall include:

Circus Harmony: $800

CreateALoop: $1100

St. Louis Artworks: $500

Girls Giving is a collective-giving organization and the youth initiative of the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund. Young women enrolled in grades 9 through 12 as of September 1 participate in a curriculum teaching them about grants, financial review of a non profit, and skills needed for their site visits to local nonprofits who submitted grant proposals to Girls Giving.

Each member of Girls Giving contributes an annual donation of $100. The group combines all donations and awards that sum in the form of a grant to a local nonprofit(s) selected by the group. Through this cooperative giving model, Girls Giving is able to give more as a group than each member could give individually. Together, Girls Giving makes a big difference.

The Girls Giving Fund has given $15,100 in grants to the St. Louis community since 2015. Our past grantees include: Caring For Kids, Caroline Mission, CHADS Coalition for Mental Health, Center for Social Empowerment, Ferguson Youth Initiative, EarthDance Farms, Circus Harmony, St. Louis ArtWorks and CreateALoop.

Girls Giving Grants Fund is a 501 (3)(c) donor fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation and the youth initiative of the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund.