The Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund 
is a component fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation and a 
member of the Women’s Collective Giving Grantmakers Network, 
a growing, nationwide group of almost 50 organizations similar to our 
Fund and with more than 13,000 
members altogether.

Mapping Our Future - October Newsletter from SOS

A Message from President Amy Inman    
Dear SOS Women and Friends,
How can we be effective "social investors?"  
It's an important question for our organization.  
My answer is a straight forward one. Actively perform due diligence.
Being a social investor takes more than the act of giving.  
It requires each participant to carefully consider community need, to examine an agency's programming and financial capabilities, and to follow-up on post-funding impact.  
It's takes more than identifying a good cause. It's about investing in a worthy cause where the money will generate the most positive outcomes.
At SOS, we take our due diligence seriously.  
On September 30th, we received an unprecedented 233 agency requests for funding. These requests kick-off our rigorous process of evaluating project feasibility, reviewing financial responsibility, and ensuring proper accountability.  
Creating social value is more than checking a box.
Charity Navigator listed St. Louis in the top 3 "Most Charitable Cities in America" for a reason.  
We're generous, but more than generosity, we strive to create a better community and ensure our efforts and contributions have the greatest impact.
All the best,
Amy Inman
President and Proud Member
Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund

The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (SOS) has launched our "SOS Impact EcoSystem Map."  
This interactive map has been developed by the Clark Fox Foundation for SOS to understand and share the history of our social impact funding.

What does this mapping provide?  
It depicts SOS grants by year, agency, and social need. You can select a single year or as many years as your interest.  
For each selected agency, you will see funding, project information, and agency website link. You will find this map on our website under "Impact" or here.

Thank you to Maxine Clark, founder of the Clark Fox Foundation (SOS Advisory Council and member) and her team, Allie Cicotte, Senior Programs Manager and Tess Martin, Intern from Tulane University, for donating their services to produce this interactive program.  
A special thank you to Berta James, Grants Chair, for collecting our SOS granting data. At SOS, it is always a team effort! 

Girls Giving members gathered in September for a workshop on Identity given by The Center for Social Empowerment (CSE).

Reybren, David and Roseanne from CSE led the young women through an exploration of how identity isn't simply drawn upon lines of race or religion, but includes the totality of one's life experiences - and how these differences bring different perspectives to problem-solving.

It was a thought provoking and inspiring day.

Kudos to Kathy Frost, who continues to explore new ways to nurture the next generation of women who give together.

You may recall Ready By 21 from our "Discovering Our Community" event last spring. 

RB21 is working to reform the policies and practices that have led to uneven life outcomes in the greater St. Louis region.

They are now launching Foundational Teams to meaningfully engage community members in this growing child well-being movement. Foundational team volunteers will personally help accelerate Ready by 21 St. Louis' progress by lending their professional expertise to the work at-hand.

There will be five Foundational Teams, each comprised of 3-5 volunteers who have experience and skills related to their respective team.
Please click here to learn more and to apply.
Here are a few tips on how you can continue to spread the word about SOS using Facebook.

1. If you haven't visited the SOS Facebook page, please go to https://www.facebook.com/soswomensfund and "Like" our page. It's important to note that Facebook doesn't automatically include posts from organizations you Like" in your newsfeed. You'll need to "Share" the SOS Facebook posts as outlined in tip #2.
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Questions about Facebook?  Please contact Amy Garrison at amy.garrison@brandvirtuellc.com or  Caroli Young at  caroli@n2itco.com.
Members and guests did a little tree tagging (and hugging) at Forest ReLeaf last month.  
Tom Ebeling took everyone on a tour of the SOS-donated greenhouse.   
Thanks to Lee Anne Quatrano and Caroli Young for organizing the event.  


Thank you for your commitment to an organization that goes way beyond
your grant dollars!

YOU are the secret to our success!  

  • Julie Williams is originally from Minnesota but moved to St. Louis for a job opportunity almost 20 years ago and never left!  Her background is in Hospital Administration with the majority of her career spent in strategic planning for WUSM and in private consulting.  She is the founder of The Maren Fund, Inc. a not-for-profit organization that works to support the academic development of children with Down syndrome, which was a 2016-17 recipient of a SOS grant. Julie was so impressed with SOS and the impact that it is making in the St. Louis region that she decided to become a member and is looking forward to becoming more involved.
Have you heard about SOS on the radio?

Thanks to Gwendolyn & Benjamin Wesley you may have heard a message about SOS on WSIE Radio 88.7 last summer.

Gwen & Ben generously made a sponsorship donation and used their airtime time to spread the word about SOS.

What a great way to spread the word. Thanks so much, Gwen & Ben



The first thing you'll notice when you meet Shirley Richey and Kimm Parker is their smiles, which come easily, the way it is with people who genuinely care for each other.  
It's also obvious that this mother/daughter duo have a heart for giving that extends beyond their immediate family, particularly when it comes to kids.  
Shirley was the first to join SOS.  
She was the Division Chief, Contracting and Acquisition for the National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency and was nearing retirement.  
Shirley had been praying about where she could best serve next and, in the process, had attended several SOS events.  
It was hearing Rose Hanley speak about The Little Bit Foundation in the summer of 2015 that moved her to join. Ironically. It was a story about Little Bit that prompted Kimm to join SOS a year later.  
As a busy mom of two with a demanding career as Weapons Quality Program Manager for Boeing, Kimm immediately recognized both the impact and flexibility that comes from joining together with a group of women to give.

"Growing up my mom taught me by her example that you always take care of kids," Kimm explains. "I have two little boys. What if my little ones didn't have shoes or a coat? What if my resources were suddenly gone? I would want someone to help take care of my kids. So, if I can help someone else's kids, I am definitely going to do that."

Shirley recounts how much she learned about the St. Louis community from going on site visits.

"There are so many different organizations doing so much good work. The money I can give alone could only go so far to help them. But when we come together as SOS, we can really have an impact." Kimm concurs, "Women's empowerment is how I look at it. As a group of women leaders, we have the power to shift minds if we work together collectively."  

And thus Shirley and Kimm, mother and daughter, are both spirited members of SOS.

As Shirley sums it up - "This is how a group of women that share a passion for others put our own littles pieces together to make a big difference. Just think what the future holds for all of us when we work together."





TechShop Tour Is Coming Up in November

TechShop is a community-based workshop and prototyping studio on a mission to democratize access to the tools of innovation.

Packed with cutting-edge tools, equipment, and computers loaded with the latest design software, TechShop offers the space to make with the support and camaraderie of a community of makers.

This is a playground for creativity where you can make virtually anything. Located in the Cortex District, home to one of the largest tech hubs in the Midwest, come see the future literally being created before your eyes, right here in our hometown.
SOS will have a guided tour of TechShop on Wednesday, November 8th, from 5 to 7 p.m. Click HERE for more information or to sign up.


In addition to welcoming our new members, we would like to recognize the accomplishments of our current members.  

If you have news to report about yourself or another member, please send an email to:  chris.schmiz@mac.com  
Calling all mothers & daughters! 
If you and your mother/daughter are both members of SOS, we want to hear your story. Send an email to Chris Schmiz - chris.schmiz@mac.com - so we can set up a time to talk!
Please RSVP - and remember to invite your friends.

SOS events are always open and we welcome all women who share our passion for strengthening our St. Louis community!

TechShop Innovation - Teaching 21st Century Skills
5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 8

Tour the TechShop workshop and prototyping studio, an innovative space packed with cutting-edge tools, equipment, and computers loaded with design software. Register here.
Annual SOS Holiday Coffee
9 to 11 a.m. Friday, December 1 
Details to follow. 
SOS Book Club, Hidden Figures
Friday, December 8  
Details to follow.