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The Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund
is a component fund of The Greater
St. Louis Community Foundation and a
member of the Women’s Collective Giving Grantmakers Network,
a growing, nationwide group of more than 30 organizations similar to our
Fund and with more than 6,000
members altogether.


March Newsletter - Member News & Upcoming Events
March Newsletter
Sister of the Heart & A Heartfelt Thank You
Our hostess with the mostess, Marianne Baer
Members of SOS and friends gathered at Marianne Baer's house last month to connect, make chocolate truffles and learn more about the work of Sherwood Forest Camp, a 2009 recipient of a SOS grant.  
Mary Rogers, Executive Director, spoke in vivid detail about the summer of 2009 and shared memorable stories about how the Sherwood Forest experience helped kids discover the best in themselves and grow up to do good in the world. 
It's fair to say 'love was  in the air' as the room was filled with praise and gratitude for the work being done by Mary and the dedicated staff of Sherwood Forest.  Mary expressed her thanks for the support of SOS in an email to Gwen Wesley:
Dear Gwen~
    Gwen welcomes all the "sisters of the heart." 
I cannot thank you and the women of the Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund enough for inviting me to speak at your gathering this week.  
You have a lively and deeply engaged membership and it was a real joy to visit with the members  before and
after the meeting.  
Your own comments and the information others shared about the work of your group and its impact in our community is impressive.   I believe your impact reaches beyond what you can see, in the same way that work of Sherwood Forest is most evident when our young people grow up and out into our community as young adults capable of making their own contributions and touching other lives in positive ways.  The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund is doing that good work, too, and it is generative.
Mary Rogers & Gwen Wesley preparing for truffle making
It has been a while since I got to speak to such an interested and supportive audience.  The intimate space of Marianne's living room, full of light and energetic women whose faces I could see, helped me to speak from my heart about the mission of Sherwood Forest and the young people we serve.  
I took all the time you gave me, and a bit more to share some stories about our young people that illustrate the impact of Sherwood Forest in their lives.  Please extend my sincere thanks to all who were there.
And please further share with them my deepest gratitude for the Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund's commitment and generosity to invest in work that strengthens St. Louis and helps make the lives of those here who are most vulnerable, better.
Lee Anne Quatran, Liz Buchman 
   and Judi Lohaus
Christy Beckmann and Sue Rector 
With gratitude,
Mary  Rogers
Executive Director
Sherwood Forest
Suzi Bustamante and Kathleen Schumacker
Betsy Schmidt and Suzanne Finney
The Wisdom of the Crowd:


We're Counting On You.
There is an anecdote often used to describe the phenomena of "the wisdom of the crowd." It relates to a county fair in 1906 where over 800 people tried to guess the weight of an ox.

While no one person guessed the correct weight, the average of all the guesses was within 0.8% of the ox's actual weight. There are many other examples, but the shorthand is this - under the right circumstances, groups can be remarkably intelligent, smarter than the smartest among them.
Ours is a rigorous grant process. This year we received almost 200 Letters of Interests (LOIs) which knowledgeable members carefully whittled down to 40 agencies for site visits. After thoughtful review, about 20 agencies will be selected for the ballot. Finally, at our annual ballot fair, informed members will cast their votes and grants will be awarded strictly on the vote count.
It can be hard to yield to the wisdom of the crowd. Sometimes the agency you fall in love with at a site visit isn't chosen. Sometimes it's hard to see why one worthy cause was chosen over another. Collective action isn't always easy.  
But coming together brings us together. And over our past 10 years, we've been able to witness the impact of our giving together through the impact of the people we serve - of the 70+ agencies we've funded, all but one has gone on to grow stronger over the course of time. We come together to do good, and in the process, we come to see the good in each other, across the room and across our region.
We rely on the wisdom of all of our members. 
We need to hear your voice.
We're counting on you.

Wednesday, April 12
5:30 to 7 p.m.
St. Louis Community Foundation
#2 Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis Missouri 63105
If you can't attend the Ballot Fair, you can also vote online or by mail.  Ballots will be mailed early in April. 

Don't Forget: Our next book discussion will be April 3:
Can't Not Do, Our Compelling Social Drive That Changes The World, 
by Paul Shoemaker.
Click here for further details and to register. 

Member Highlight
SOS is filled with great women - and one of the great things 
about being a member of SOS is getting to know each other. 

So we are starting a new feature in our newsletter, selecting one member at random each month to answer nine questions.  
   Nine Questions with Elveeta Macon (member since 2015)

1.  Where were you born?   Miami Florida
2.  What brought you to St. Louis (if not born here)?  Mobil Oil, by way of Dallas, Texarkana and Chicago
3. What was the first charity you remember being involved with? What did you do for/with them?   Growing up in Catholic Church and School. We always were asked to give extra for classmates and others less fortunate then we were.
4. Who first told you about SOS? Gwen Wesley
5. What was the moment you KNEW SOS was a group you wanted to be a part of ?  When I heard Rosemary Hanley from Little Bit Foundation tell the story of a little boy who didn't have his own coat. I thought 'this makes no sense!' Maybe Collective Giving is the way to help.
6. What's your favorite thing/place in St. Louis?  I am the Happy Hour Queen! Bristols, Hendels, Flemings, Oceano Bistro...Good food that is discounted and a glass of wine and I'm there!
7. What other non-profit groups are you a member of?   Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority- I'm a lifelong member. I'm on the Board of Trinity High School in Spanish Lake. Those are my passions.
8. Favorite Movie of all time?   Well, Right now it's Hidden Figures!
9. Where are you going on your next vacation?    I'm leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale, Arizona.
              Social Media Corner
Follow SOS on Our New LinkedIn "Company" Page
As we noted in the October edition of Social Media Corner, we now have a new SOS LinkedIn "company" page. Please visit and FOLLOW our new SOS "company" page. Our goal is to grow from 7 to 50 followers over the next few months!
As a follower of the SOS LinkedIn "company" page, you can keep up to date on current SOS events and share events and articles of interest with your LinkedIn connections.
Here are a few helpful tips on how to connect to our SOS LinkedIn Company page.
-Go to your own professional LinkedIn page.
-Search for Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (SOS) under "Companies" to follow our company page. You can review current posts and  click "share" to share articles from the SOS company page with your LinkedIn connections.

Welcome New Members to SOS!

Thank you for your commitment to an organization that goes way
beyond  your grant dollars!

YOU are the secret to our success!  

  • Teresa Buehler - Teresa is passionate about her career as a social worker and helping others to help themselves.  She has spent nearly 30 years as a faithful steward of federal, state and local grants and contracts providing supportive, protective, educational and advocacy social services. She is excited to share in collective giving that has transformative power within the St. Louis community.  Teresa loves serving as a hospice volunteer, playing tennis, working in her yard and traveling with her husband.  
Member News

In addition to welcoming our new members, we would like to recognize the accomplishments of our current members.  

If you have news to report about yourself or another member, please send an email to: chris.schmiz@mac.com 
  • Ten SOS members are attending the WCGN 2017 National Leadership Conference in Jacksonville, Fla., this month.         
  • For the fourth year in a row, Sue Rector and her husband, Mel, will be co-chairing Ozzie Smith's Annual Gala and ProAm, respectively on June 11-12, to benefit the Gateway PGA REACH Foundation.
  • In addition, Chris Schmiz will co-present "Reaching Members: Best Practices," with Christy Beckmann facilitating the session. Caroli Young will co-present on the topic "Choosing Social Media Channels."
Collective Giving For Girls 8 to 12
Girls Giving gave ALIVE the proceeds of their Makeup Roundup and wish to thank the SOS Board for their contributions.
Girls Giving members are looking forward to their April site visits and wrap up meeting at the Kemper to vote. This year they will be awarding a $3000 grant - making this year culminating in $9600 awarded in grants to St. Louis.
The Girls Giving members will celebrate their grant award with the SOS members at the 2017 Spirit Awards and Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 24 at Des Pers Lodge.
Any girls interested in this group please contact Kathy Frost, 314.302.0758 or kfrost326@gmail.com

Upcoming Events
Monday, April 3 - Book Discussion

Can't Not Do, Our Compelling Social Drive That Changes The World, by Paul Shoemaker.  Register here.


Wednesday, April 5 - Mandatory Site Visit Team Leader Meeting 

3 - 5 p.m., St. Louis Community Foundation Office


Wednesday, April 12 - Annual Ballot Fair 

5 p.m. NOTE NEW LOCATIONSt. Louis Community Foundation, #2 Oak Knoll Park, Clayton, MO 63105


Wednesday, May 24 - Spirit Awards (details TBD)