Grant Application Timeline for 2016 - 2017


September 1 - Letters of Interest are accepted online

September 7 - Grantee Application Training (optional) Please RSVP if attending

September 30 - Letters of Interest deadline
(5:00 PM)


Third week - Organizations are notified regarding whether they are being asked to submit a full proposal


January 6 - Full Proposal deadline
(5:00 PM)


Site Visits occur

MAY 2017

Second week - Grant Awards for 2017 are announced and organizations notified

May 26 - Annual Grant Spirit Awards ceremony




SOS accepts Grant Applications BY INVITATION ONLY.  Submit a proposal ONLY if you have submitted a Letter of Interest and if SOS has requested a full proposal.

SOS uses the Missouri Common Grant Application and Budget Templates for organizations chosen to submit a full proposal. All grant applications must be received on or before January 6, 2017 by 5 pm.

The Missouri Common Grant Application was developed by the Gateway Center for Giving and representatives from the St. Louis grantmaking community, including SOS. The CGA is designed to help make the grantmaking process simpler and more efficient for grant seekers. It allows both Missouri grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices and saves nonprofit organizations time and effort by enabling them to use a single form for many different grant applications.

Organizations selected to submit a full proposal must follow these steps:



  • Complete the Grant Cover Page. The cover page must accompany the full grant application. 
  • Note: an electronic version will be provided by email, but you may also reproduce using the same format and order.
  • Please limit to two pages using 12 point font and single spacing. 


Complete the full-length application of the Missouri Common Grant Application and Budget Templates, found at

On the Missouri Common Grant Application page, follow these steps:

  • Click on the User Guide and read carefully before beginning the application.
  • Click on the link to the Missouri Common Grant Application and complete. Note: The CGA references other documents that may be request by the funder. Please follow STEP THREE to ensure that you submit the specific information requested by SOS. 
  • Click Budget Templates. SOS requires both the project budget template and the organizational budget template. If applying for a renewable, multi-year grant, you must submit a project budget for all three years of funding. 
  • Once the application and budget templates are complete, save and submit with the remaining documents under STEP FOUR.


Prepare and/or compile organizational documents, to include:

  • Financial documents - Provide the organization’s financial statements for the most recently completed three fiscal years (audited statements preferred), and its 2014 and 2015 Form 990 tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Current Funding Sources - A list of organizations, corporations and foundations your organization is seeking funding from for the project, with the status of each request.  If the project is the recipient of multi-year funding, provide the source(s), funding amounts and dates received or expected. If the request to SOS is for general operating support, include a list of organizations, corporations and foundations that are or have been solicited from January 1, 2016 through the date of the submission of this proposal and indicate the status of each request.
  • Current Board of Directors - A listing of board members and their affiliations.
  • Key Staff - A one paragraph description of key staff, including qualifications relevant to this grant application.
  • Evidence of Tax- Exempt Status - A copy of the organizations (or its fiscal agent’s) current IRS determination letter indicating its tax-exempt status.
  • Multi-Year Strategic Plan-(for multi-year grant applicants only) A clear, detailed three year strategic project plan that includes the ability to monitor outcomes and impact. 


  • Login to the SOS website with your username and password
  • Select Modify Account and update any changes in your Organizational Details
  • Find the Upload Proposal button
  • Upload documents
Note: If you do not have the username and password you were provided when you registered, please contact Amy Inman at


Useful Tips & Recommendations

  • Plan enough time to prepare, collate, scan and upload your organizational documents to SOS’s website.  Allow ample time in the event that you experience technical difficulties so that you will be able to submit by the deadline.

For questions, contact: Amy Inman at