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 04 Dec

Join the women of
the Spirit of St. Louis
Women's Fund and
kick off our tenth year
of collective giving.
Hosted by Susan Block.
9 - 11:30 a.m.
For more information,
email Sue Rector,
Click here to register.

  13 Jan

Mary Jane Pieroni,
director of non profit
services at BDO USA,
presents an overview
of how to effectively
review non profit
financial statements.
Hosted by Buckingham
Asset Management.
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
For more information,
email Leslie Corey,

  17 Jan

More details coming

              Celebrating 10 Years of Giving!

A Simple Idea

We are a collective giving network where individual resources are pooled to expand women's philanthropy and strengthen the St. Louis region. Embraced with phenomenal response from the onset, SOS has grown, welcoming all women who wish to join. Since its founding in 2006, SOS has given the St. Louis region over $1,700,000 in grants. 

Join us today!

With no restrictions on age, professional status, religious affiliation, political views, race, lifestyle, where you live or volunteer time requirements, the group is diverse and eclectic. Any woman is welcomes to join this dynamic group.


WCGN 2015 Conference


Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Koman Foundation founder and SOS member Joni Karandjeff.


Event co-chairs, Diane Bailey and Sonja Nichols, members of Charlotte's Women's Impact Fund.

Eleven members of the Spirit of St. Louis Fund attended the WCGN conference in Charlotte. Everyone came away with a renewed energy and confidence that our fund is indeed making a difference in St. Louis. Best practices were shared by many of the now 49 organizations that make up the Women's Collective Giving Grantmaking Network - 10,000 women strong across the United States! 





Each fall, the Niagara Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations in the greater
St. Louis area that have demonstrated a strong commitment to serving their community while maintaining a global mindset. This year, the Niagara Foundation honored the Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund with its 2015 Niagara Community Service Award.

The Peace & Dialogue Awards seek to encourage leaders in the St Louis community to continue to be forces for positive change, inspire thoughtful dialogue about contemporary issues, and to bring together the best and the brightest in the region to work towards a more peaceful future.


THANK YOU Buckingham

For the second year, Buckingham Asset Management is a proud sponsor and partner of SOS.