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Upcoming Events

05 Dec
Holiday Coffee
An SOS Tradition!
Host: Susan Block
Coffee with SOS
friends and guests.
Meet an SOS grantee.
9 - 11 am
RSVP-Sue Rector


  07 Jan
Grants Finance
Workshop for all
SOS members
Mary Jane Pieroni
from StoneCarlie
presents. Hosted by
Buckingham Asset
8182 Maryland Ave
RSVP-Sue Rector


Grant Season is coming!
Please contact grants
chairs Heather Wood
or Amy Inman for info
on the fabulous
SOS grants process.


Together ... our giving ... can powerfully move .... St. Louis forward

A Simple Idea

Women coming together to give money away. A simple idea offering a fresh perspective: a collective giving network where individual resources are pooled to expand women's philanthropy and strengthen the St. Louis region. Embraced with phenomenal response from the onset, SOS has grown, welcoming all women who wish to join.


The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (SOS) strengthens the St. Louis community through informed, focused grantmaking by educating and inspiring women to engage in significant giving.


- Create a powerful organization of women devoted to improving the community.

- Be a force for significant social change through collective grantmaking.

- Provide financial support to community organizations dedicated to improving life in the Greater St.Louis area.

- Educate and inspire current and potential women donors.


Equality, diversity, impact, education,collaboration, leadership and connection.

Join us today!

The invitation to join is open and inclusive. With no restrictions on age, professional status, religious affiliation, political views, race, lifestyle, where you live or volunteer time requirements, the group is diverse and eclectic. Any woman who wishes to join this dynamic group can.

Holiday Coffee

Membership events are a great way to connect with SOS and learn how YOU are making a difference in St. Louis.

The next event, the SOS Annual Holiday Coffee will bring you and your friends together with a recent SOS grantee.

Host Susan Block and membership committee members will make your morning start off on the right foot!

Studies show that women are more likely to give in a collaborative way (like SOS!) but the main reason they don't participate is because they aren't asked!

So go ahead and ASK, bring a friend or two or three, and have a delicious holiday coffee with SOS.



Since its founding in 2006, SOS has given the St. Louis region over $1,400,000 in grants. Way to go SOS members! We are a national network of collective giving groups.