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Upcoming Events

23 Sept
Lunch and Learn
Host: Marianne Baer
A fun annual lunch
brings together members,
guests and Circle of
Concern, an SOS grantee.
11:30 am -1 pm
RSVP to Sue Rector


13 Oct
Girls Night Out
Cardwell's in Clayton
Hosts: Caroli Fresta
Jacqueline Byrne, and
Laurie Newcomb.
$10 members, guests gratis.
M.I.C.A. Project - an SOS
grantee will present.
Door prizes! 5 -7 pm
RSVP to Laurie


Grant Season is coming!
Please contact grants
chairs Heather Wood
or Amy Inman for info
on the fabulous
SOS grants process.


Together ... our giving ... can powerfully move .... St. Louis forward

A Simple Idea

Women coming together to give money away. A simple idea offering a fresh perspective: a collective giving network where individual resources are pooled to expand women's philanthropy and strengthen the St. Louis region. Embraced with phenomenal response from the onset, SOS has grown, welcoming all women who wish to join.


The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (SOS) strengthens the St. Louis community through informed, focused grantmaking by educating and inspiring women to engage in significant giving.


- Create a powerful organization of women devoted to improving the community.

- Be a force for significant social change through collective grantmaking.

- Provide financial support to community organizations dedicated to improving life in the Greater St.Louis area.

- Educate and inspire current and potential women donors.


Equality, diversity, impact, education,collaboration, leadership and connection.

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The invitation to join is open and inclusive. With no restrictions on age, professional status, religious affiliation, political views, race, lifestyle, where you live or volunteer time requirements, the group is diverse and eclectic. Any woman who wishes to join this dynamic group can.

Girls Giving in 2014

SOS is eager to pass the spirit of giving along to younger generations, and a group of
St. Louis-area high school girls have eagerly caught it. Beginning next fall, members of Girls Giving will contribute $100 each and make grants from the combined pool. Like SOS, the group will be a separate component fund of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation. Members will develop their own guidelines and operate independently, with SOS providing guidance. The group is modeled on the youth initiatives of other women’s collective giving groups. For more information, contact Kathy Frost ( If you have a high-school daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend who might be interested, she can also put you in touch with the group.



Since its founding in 2006, SOS has given the St. Louis region over $1,400,000 in grants. Way to go SOS members! We are a national network of collective giving groups.