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We believe the more women
come together, the more mountains
that can be moved.
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Upcoming Events

 26 May

Annual celebration
of grantees and
members is a unique
event sponsored by
the Spirit of St. Louis
Women's Fund.
Steinberg Auditorium
Washington University.
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 02 Jun

Every woman who is now or has ever been a member of SOS celebrates at the Chase Park Plaza from 5-7 pm. Please register by Tuesday, June 1. 
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 13 Jul

Join SOS members and guests for a summer potluck hosted by Leslie Corey. A 2016 grantee will be a guest speaker. Additional details coming soon!

              Celebrating 10 Years of Giving!

The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund is a collective giving and grantmaking organization. Everyone gives an equal amount of money. Everyone has an equal voice. 

We are a volunteer democracy. Those who have time, give it. Those who don't are not judged. We respect that different women have different demands on their time at different times in their lives. There are no fundraisers, no galas.

We have only two requirements: pay your dues and vote on how it's given back to the community. Click here to become a member.



The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund has awarded grants totaling $188,000 to eleven community agencies. The agencies and the amount granted to each include:

ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments) - $25,000

The Family Treehouse (TWIGS) - $10,000

Health, Protection and Education Services - $9480

Humanitri - $20,000; Immigrant and Refugee Women's Program - $15,000

Little Bit Foundation - $35,000

Lydia's House - $15,000

The Maren Fund - $15,000

Near Southside Employment Coalition - $15,000

Perennial - $18,512

Springboard to Learning - $20,050.

Congratulations 2016 Grantees - and THANK YOU SOS MEMBERS!

2016 Spirit Awards

More than 150 members and guests attended the annual Spirit Awards celebration, held Thursday, May 26, 2016, at Steinberg Auditorium. The celebration was the culmination of the grant-making process completed by many members of the Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund. Thank you to all SOS members who make the grants happen!

"The Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund is a collective giving and grant-making network. Everyone gives the same and everyone has the same vote. In our 10 years of giving, we have awarded over 70 agencies grants totalling more than $1.8 million," said Gwen Wesley, president of SOS.

This year's keynote speaker, Marie-Helene Bernard, president and CEO of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, gave a terrific overview of how our St. Louis Symphony, one of the top five orchestras in the country, works to give back to the St. Louis community.


All past and present members of the Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund will celebrate our ten years of giving this June 2 at The Chase Park Plaza in the Empire Room.

Plan now to attend our first 10 years of giving together. Click here for more information.

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For anyone in our community who supports our work building women's leadership in philanthropy, we welcome individual donations to our endowed fund.

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